Website Assignment

Using UMW’s Domain of One’s Own, register a domain name and create a simple wordpress site.

After choosing a theme, add  a picture of yourself and a bio or an about page.
Menu items will be different from student to student but you are expected to come up with menu items that you will populate over the course of the semester and they may even change over the duration of the course. For this assignment, come up with at least four items that you anticipate you will use. (bio, contact form, calendar, music, art, news/blog, etc.) You will also need to create a musician/artist page on Facebook, and on Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. unless you want to use your personal accounts for those like I do. Make sure these are part of your site as well.
When you have completed your website to the standard of this assignment, post the link to it on the course blog and write briefly about your site. Which menu items you have and why you chose them. What you intend to add to the site in the future and whatever information you fell is relevant. Make sure to select the correct category for your post. For this assignment it is Website.

Once you have completed posting your site to the blog, copy the link to your post into the canvas assignment and turn it in so that I can grade it.