Amanda Waggoner – Logic Draft

Here is a screenshot of my Logic Project:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.24.14 AM

This project had an interesting start to it; I actually had two sets of different sounding songs recorded, but the second song had entirely way too many loops within it. So I went with the first song; it has a more realistic feel to it with actual piano recorded into the piece.

The lyrical aspect of the song changed many times throughout this process. I had started it out with a song about identity and being a liar and these were the first set of lyrics:

Verse 1:

I hear the words upon your lips

But I know you haven’t said them yet

How neglectful of you;

Speak now, or I’ll speak them for you

I cry the tears you cried for me

You bleed the blood I’d never bleed

You take the hurt I feel for you,

And vie for attention by pretending to be



True… ah-ahh

What even is truth? Is it you?

Oh… ah-ahh

What even is real, what even is fake?

Are we just a mirage of give and take?


And then I heard how happy the melody sounded and I immediately didn’t want to use those lyrics anymore.

Kingdom Come (Daniel Shea’s Logic Song)

In this song I sing about our childhood. I truly love this song so far, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I am far from finishing it, and even though I think that the lyrics are great I totally ruined the vocals. I put to many effects on them and by the time I was done it was to late to take it all back. After I fix what is wrong with the song I intend to release it in an ep at the end of this month. It is a rock song with a bit of an edm vibe to it. I hope you guys like it, and here are the lyrics:

I remember when we would play; In fields of green like it was yesterday

Take me back to the time when we; Used to dream of days so far away

Take me back to the time when we; Could close our eyes and fly away

I will always remember, how I saved her, a hero in my mind; I will always remember,       sitting on my throne, see my kingdom come

I remember when we would play; In fields of green like it was yesterday

We used to dream of what was to be; But now we dream of what used to be

I will always remember, how I saved her, a hero in my mind; I will always remember,       sitting on my throne, see my kingdom come;   Kingdom come;   See my kingdom come

Can’t Love Him Back (Draft 1)

In this audio track (or song), I have put together a track for drums, guitar, and piano. I used one two of the softwares drum-kit loops. The track features Levi on the guitar.

I plan to add vocals once I figure out the lyrics and a bass line. I still have a couple of kinks to work out and I have to adjust the tone and pitch in certain areas.

Jasmine Pineda Logic Song

So this is my first draft

With this draft I went very basic just to get a body to build off of. I used the automatic drummer for this but I added variety into it so that it changes throughout. I also have piano and guitar in this. I used an arpeggiator for one of the piano tracks to makes it less ‘plain’.

And this is my second draft

For this one I added in one effect loop and changed some other parts/adding in guitar and piano in some spots. It wasn’t that big of a change but I do feel like it helps me know which direction to go to finish it up.

And this is my final draft

Well this still isn’t completely finished. I have the whole sound but I was struggling very much with the lyrics so I still need to add vocals into it. I added an arpeggiator on to the guitar part because I felt it made it move around more, I added in more effects, and I also added bass to it. Also I realized my other pieces were a little quiet so I made it louder.

Elaina’s logic song

Hey friends. so this is my logic song! Idk what i did but basically to hear the thing you need to turn your volume up to the highest it can be on the desktop. My friend joe helped me record real piano and then on top of real recorded piano i layered it with 3 more beats and melodies of pianos on my song. i also put a layer of guitar and beat. I sang on top of it and the i recorded melody on top of that.

Draft 1: For this draft, all i did was record the piano pieces that i would later then layer on top of the MIDI i would create. I recorded the prechorus, chorus, and then the regular chorus chords that would help me layer when i did the rest of my song. I used 3 mics in the practice rooms and fiddled until i finished it.


Draft 2: okay so after i recorded all the piano, i made the beat. my second draft is my beats and the instrumental of the song without singing yet!

FINAL logic song: So after writing lyrics and finishing editing with midi using no loops, just the midi controller, this is my final song. i used a pop filter to record my voice and then i layered it with harmony to give it more body. hope you like!

mary’s logic draft 1

Here is my first draft of logic. You have to be patient with it because the metronome plays for 15 seconds and then it starts. guess I messed up with that. I have one of the programmed drummers that plays along with the song. I have also put in bass with the chord formation I plan to use for this song. I will probably add guitar and piano too. There is a verse then a chorus, then another verse.