Terraform (Final Website) – Daniel Shea


This is the link (which refuses to turn blue as I attempt to make your life easier) to my finalized website which foreshadows my future edm music production career. Now that the semester is over the menu items I am using are Home, About, Contacts, Events, Music, Music Videos, Projects (for all of the projects that I have completed for this class this semester), and Questions. I used Home because it was a preset. I put an About as a menu item so those that see my page will be able to connect with me and understand why I am doing this. When it comes to the Question menu item I honestly threw that up there to get peoples attention and hopefully cause them to actually leave a comment on the Home page; resulting in me learning a thing or two about music and even better, from my own website! I chose to use Contacts in case someone likes my music and wants to confront me about it or offer me a career path when it comes to music. Events I put up to get people to hopefully come to my future shows! And of course I chose to use Music and Music Videos as menu items in order to show people my art and hopefully lead to the spreading of my popularity as a edm music producer. I mostly intend to add music of my own to this website in the future, and I am excited to see what comes of this!


Noah Goodwin Final Website

Here (nxagxxdwynn.com if that doesn’t work)

This is my final completed website. I tried to integrate as many uses as possible while still retaining a format that is easy to use and simple and clean to click through. The ‘About’ page got revamped with a new picture, and I used a new theme in order to keep everything in check. The contact page stayed pretty much the same, but I’m happy with the way it came out. I like to keep things simple and clean and not too cluttered, and I’m glad to see that this is reflective of that.


Also, I just wanted to say I greatly enjoyed having class with you all! Even though it was kind of tough and difficult at times, i’m happy that we all seemed to have some degree of fun and enjoyment in what we were doing. Hope you guys do well on your finals and have a great break! :^)