A/V Recording Preparation

You will meet with your groups to discuss and assign your roles and to decide what you will be recording. You will want to choose a duo or trio to make this as easy as possible. Vocal and piano, string trio, guitar and vocal or piano and euphonium or any duo or trio of your chosing. This facilitates the ability to get everything recorded in a timely manner in the recording studio.

2-3 people in your group will be performing, Make sure they have whatever song or piece rehearsed by next week or the following week depending on when your group goes.

Two people from your group will be helping me record the audio and they will need to research which microphones will be best for the recording. This should be discussed after you have selected the people in your group that will be performing this task. The things you need to ask yourself are:

  1. How many microphones?
  2. What microphones?
  3. Where do we want to put the microphones?
  4. How do we want to position the group? (This may get adjusted based on what the video group members need to do)

Sound on Sound is going to be your best resource for how to record specific instruments and ensembles but watch these videos to get the discussion started

Recording Guitar

Recording Vocals

Recording Piano

Recording Strings

Recording Brass

The rest of the group, 2-3 of you, will be in charge of video. This means you will find out how many high quality cameras or phone hd video cameras you have in your group. You may have enough phones to do the trick, but you may have to reserve and check out video cameras and tripods from the convergence center. What you will be looking at and deciding is what shots do you want and how many? You will have to have at least 3 shots to complete the assignment. This video will address shot selection and everything you need to know for your first multicam shoot.

Multicam preparation

Once you have:

  1. Watched the videos.
  2. Assigned each other as musicians, recording engineers and camera people.
  3. Agreed on the music.
  4. Agreed on the recording technique
  5. Agreed on the shot selection and overall shooting composition.

You can go to start completing your tasks. This should take no less than 1.5 hours. If you have not put enough time or thought into this and you will regret that when your group comes to record. Groups that are not prepared will not receive high marks. Hopefully this encourages you to do a good job but doesn’t scare you too much!

Have a great time! I think you’ll have a blast with this assignment!