Zach Payne Logic Song Draft 2

This is for all intensive purposes my finished song. Changes from the last draft is the addition of electric violin to be the instrument and lyrics which have been written by me, but sung by my brother Luke. It is a basic structure of intro verse chorus verse chorus chorus. The Song is in C minor with its chorus seeming to resolve somewhat into C Major. The words aren’t anything really special. Mainly just my best imitation of a sad pop song to help give the vocals something to sing. I’m happy with how the electric violin audio turned out, but it had to receive some reverb and other small effects to smooth out the rough spots.

Zach Payne Song Draft 1

This mp3 file is what I have so far for my pop song project. Its first half is the chord progression for the verse, and the second half is the progression for the chorus. I might add a bridge later if I feel like the song needs it. I utilized grand piano, a portland drum set, and a deep sub bass to round out the sound. I plan to add violin along with the vocals, guitars and bass parts.

Zach Payne’s website

Here is the link to my website. I hope to use this website to promote my future music career as a violinist and to highlight my compositions. When you arrive, you should see my Home page. My bio is located in the “About Zachary Payne” option in the menu which has my bio as well as a picture of me and my violin. I made my menu to have the “About” page,  a “Calendar” page, and a “Projects” tab to keep track of our future assignments. The “About” page will be continually updated to reflect my most recent bio information. The “Calendar” page will have performances of the various groups I will be involved with. I also added a calendar widgit to to give a better visual for the future dates and to have a working calendar on the menus.