Tasha White Highs and Lows AV project

Here is my video for Highs and Lows.

Logic Song

The lyrics were written by Robert Colling, and the vocalist and guitarist is Conor Bean.

Distant Sky

Orders came in today

and babe, I’m going away

Wish we had the time

for more in our lives

So much more to do

plenty of things to say

but I can’t be late

that bus just won’t wait

why must there be a goodbye

seems that we just said hello

but I have to go

to a distant space

to a distant place

to a distant sky

clear the tears from your eyes

it should be no surprise

we must have faith

we will survive

you have nothing to fear

a part of me is here

each night in your dreams

always in your heart

why must the children cry

there is no rhyme or reason

I guess it’s just the season

of a distant space

of a distant place

of a distant sky

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