Quinn Ogden Logic Song – No Johns


Thanks to my roommate Zach for the great lyrics and vocals.


Verse 1:

We fist bump now we’re starting to play, you pick fox i’m pickin puff what else is there to say, I got bairs for days, take yo ass off stage, wall of pain until you dead, I ain’t got time to play, on to the next stock, drill upsmash at this point you merely getting outclassed, then you start talkin shit, sayin how you all sick, and how you’ve been busy n haven’t played in a brick, now it’s a last stock situation, shout out to the hbox puff nation, now ya wave dashin running, you know if I get the grab its fucking doneen,  you see me comin, ya tryna think of something, now ya heart gets to beating n bumpin, I think you just went from the hunter to the hunted, but there’s only one way this’ll end you see, short hop up tilt, down B.


Its called johns when you’re making excuses, it dont matter when you’re ending with bruises, we both know its not the CRT or the way you see you just gotta play like me there’s no johns

Verse 2:

Every time we play you just be yakkin, and I gotta tell ya man your mentality is tragic,my fingers so magic, muscle memory habits, your play style is messy let me get you a napkin, now every time that you whine or complain, just pause a second and please access your brain, It’s ain’t the controller, it ain’t the CRT, I’m sayin, with this many johns man you should be playin, that’s why when I beat you I pop off like I’m a super sayin, and this venom I’m spraying is so needed, cuz every time we sit down to play, before we even start you’re already defeated, it’s kinda dumb really, why challenge me of ya games based off self pity, a bit shitty buddy, but at the end of the day it’s kinda funny, when I think about you I think easy money.


Verse 3:

Hold up wait a minute, I just four stocked this dude and he said he wasn’t payin attention, but uh bro it was your counter pick, that means you pressed start, I can’t take take this shit, I’m calling out all players that be using John, time to put down the controller and get to moving on, you think I’m joking but I’m super cereal, you’re worse than a kicker that misses the game winning field goal, so it’s time ya float along now, live ya life with no johns now, so what have learned today, you gotta hold that L if ya willing to play, it’s okay to be tilted just not beyond, if ya true to the melee then it’s no Johns.


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