SQUAAAAD-Simple Things

Logic Song – Fine

(Verse 1)

I know you’re


I know I’m

A joke sometimes

Can’t you see

I’m Struggling

I’d really like

Your help this time


I’m not angry when you’re drunk

I’m not angry, I feel high

You’re not angry when im drunk

I’m only angry when you’re fine

(Verse 2)

I know you’re


I know I’m

Stupid sometimes

Are you happy

I’m failing

I know it’s

True sometimes


fuck’n fuck


“Fine” – Original song all parts written and performed by Patrick Richards (except the drum machine, i didn’t really perform that)

Patrick Richard’s Website


I chose to include and “About” page for anyone who is interested in knowing about my experience in music, a “Buy Stuff” page as more of a gag then anything i don’t really plan on selling anything, yet if i did it would most likely be downloadable versions of original songs. I also included a “Don’t Contact Me” page so that anyone visiting the site and feels the need to contact me will end up not doing so. The last page I included was a “Media” page which will be home to pictures, videos, sound bites, and other sorts of media that are associated with my music.

I am not entirely sure what i would want to add to this site yet but, if i feel the need for something new i will add it when i need to.