Stand By All Of Me – Levi’s Video

Here’s a thing we did.

Final Song

Here it is! Click for the words. —–> Lyrics. I couldn’t think of any lyric ideas for the life of me, but since this is already due I quickly wrote some words about enjoying a nice day. So it’s pretty cheesy, but oh well.

Like others have said, I don’t have the best voice and I’ve never recorded myself singing before, but this was fun. May those that listen enjoy it.

– Levi Manuel

Levi’s 30-Second Ad

Here’s my Ad. It’s kind of techno-ish.

Levi’s Website

Above is the link for my website. It will currently act as a sort of digital portfolio for myself until I establish a concrete purpose for it. It contains a bio and pictures of myself, as well as a tab for original music by myself or groups that I am in, as well as a tab for videos or audio tracks of me covering other artists’ music. There is also a news section for upcoming performances, or music reviews, etc.