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Emily Sawyer Logic Song

I really enjoyed this project because I have always wanted to get into composition, but have never really gotten around to seriously writing anything yet. So the opportunity to create my first song was exciting! I wrote the lyrics and did all the music myself.

Crimson and Gold Lyrics:

I watch the leaves fall to the ground

Crimson and gold, remnants of the year that’s gone

As they drift on down so does my mind

Back to the way things once were


My heart glowed crimson, my smile golden

You always said I was worth, worth the wait

When life grew frenzied, my heart uncertain

You showed me I was worth, worth a fight


Then like the autumn leaves which drift and die

Suddenly we fell, we were crashing to the ground

What once burned vibrant with life and colors so bright

Faded into lifeless brown


You always said I was worth the wait, but

Now I’m waiting for you, would you show me its true

You always said I was worth a fight, but

Now I’m fighting to see, to see your smile

My hurt burned crimson, my pain seared golden

But you showed me we were worth, we were worth the wait


I will wait for you

And I’ll fight for this


And like the springtime leaves, which burst forth with life

I know we’ll come forth, into a future bright as gold


Emily Sawyer 30 Second Spot

Here’s my 30 second spot for the Verizon ad!

Emily Sawyer’s Website


I created an “About” page for my website to contain my bio. In addition, I made a “Music” page where I can continue to post all my latest projects and assignments. I also made a “Calendar” page so that visitors of my site can be informed of all my upcoming performances, and a “Contact” page so that site visitors can get in touch with me. Lastly, I added links to all my social media accounts.