Always Stay Attached – Hit My Stride

Hey guys, here is my version of the Always Stay Attached performance of Hit My Stride. I worked really hard on this, so I hope you like it. Enjoy, everyone!!

David Pays No Attention (Logic Song)

Hey everybody. After duplicating every part of my logic song i have finally finished recording and editing it. It took forever, but it was a fun project. I hope you all like it.



All these people talking but that don’t really matter to me
And these voices in my head every day they be controlling me (x2)
(Why they do that fo’)


I ain’t ever care ‘bout what a hater say
I been getting’ to the money since the sixth grade
I ain’t ever care ‘bout what a hater say
I been runnin’ up a check damn near every day (x2)


Everybody worried about me I see
Like we all ain’t gotta pay taxes and d i e
But I been gettin’ to the money that ain’t ever stop
I,ve been puttin’ in this work Ima grind until I drop
Then I’ll pick myself back up, get my health back, up get my wealth back up
Worried ’bout my future so you now I gotta hustle
Bunch of wolves in sheep clothes boy don’t every body love you
Get back on yo grind and gon’ and get it
Let ’em know you really bout yo business
Keep the fam close and always handle yours
Know that somebody always slammin’ doors
So just move on to the next and keep on stacking checks
I been worried bout my progress and not what’s on they chest
‘cuz that’s the shit that tend to drag you down
So I look the other way and go and grab my crown
Live above the negativity, can’t let that shit get into me
Ain’t worried ’bout no enemy, just worried bout my energy
Been worried ’bout the inner me, ain’t worried bitch I been a G
Ain’t trying to find no synergy, it’s Neck Life til’ I feel the peace

Repeat Hook

Repeat Intro/Outro

David’s 30 Second Blog

Hey guys, here’s my 30 second Verizon spot. Enjoy!!

Blindside Music

Here’s my site everyone. The menu items i created were bio, blog, contact me, and music. I added the Bio page just so visitors could get to know who I am before the peruse the site. I felt the blog page was significant, because there could be any point in time during the semester where I might have particular feelings about an aspect of the class and blogging would be the easiest channel for me to get that out. The contact me page is necessary because anyone who would potentially want to collab or ask questions would have an effective means of doing so. The music page needs no explanation as this is Tech for musicians. I intend on posting all of my work from class and any new pieces of art that I create in the near future. I hope you all love how it looks.