Danny Arslan Performance

30 Second Spot

30 Second Video for class.

-Dashab Choudhary

Tub Boys


This website holds a new project I am currently working on musically. My menu items include an about page, contact, merchandise, news, and music. The about page is a description of the project as well as outlining my past accomplishments as well as introducing the band. Contact information was including as a means for communication for possible gigs and promotion. The merchandise section is to include perhaps solid copies of CDs and tapes for sale. The news section is for any updates regarding booked shows or upcoming releases. And of course, the music page will host, hopefully, a playlist for songs recorded and produced by me. As I go through this course, the section will become more and more full and detailed. I might decide to add a widget to link a Twitter account or Facebook account associated with the page.