Game of Thrones- Catherine Ontko

Catherine Ontko’s Logic Song

This is my first draft of my logic song.

This is my second draft where I completely redid my song and I added vocals

This is the third draft of my song and I redid the vocals because I have been sick for weeks, so Gracie Hardy will be singing and I added guitar chords played by Jacob Fulton.

Catherine’s 30 second ad

This is my 30 second ad! I hope you all like it!

Website- Catherine Ontko

Above is the link to my website. I plan on being a music education major so I would like my website to be professional and express me as a teacher but also as a musician. I plan on having four menu items as of right now. The first one is going to be recordings and this is going to include past recordings that I have done as a flute player and I will put future recordings as well up. The next menu item will be events and future events with the repertoire that I have played as well. Another menu item might be a mission statement because I would like to be a music education teacher, so I would like to show what my class would essentially be like or expect. My last menu item will be a gallery and this will have photos of performances and other musical photos that I would like to include.