So Gone – By Carmen Liliana

(Creating a new post because in the last one, my song wasn’t working.)

Hey Everyone! Here is my song. I really was feeling jazzy-ish one day and decided to add that into my song. I sat through hours of searching and youtubeing how to do things in logic. I have learned SO much about logic while working on this song! The hardest part had to be the vocals, recording, and mixing to get the best possible sound. I cut out as much inhalation as possible, added EQ, compressor, reverb, and some cool vocal effects. I did not get it perfect, but I am hoping to continue perfecting the song. I am really bad at making beats so that had to be the second worst thing. The lyrics were me testing some waters. I don’t normally write like that, but I really wanted to try something new and see what kind of message I could create.

30 second spot

HI! Here is my 30 second spot! Not the best of course, since I am still learning how logic works. However, I can’t wait till I can make some pretty cool stuff! 🙂

Lily Flores Website (Carmen Liliana)

Hiya! Here is the link to my website!

I worked very hard on my website, and I will definitely be updating it regularly. I choose the theme because the main banner on the homepage has a link that takes you straight to my Tech for Musicians page (that is for you Mark!). I made different pages, including an about me, music, videos, photos, events, blog, tech for musicians and contact form. I have organized them under headings so that it looks cleaner. My tech for musicians page will have all of my class assignments so that it is all located in onw place.  I am hoping to populate the other pages throughout the course of the semester with projects from class but also personal stuff. I also hope to be able to write blogs. I had to create a twitter, soundcloud, facebook page, and youtube channel because I did not have any of that! Feel free to follow #teamfollowback. (links are all on my website.)

My hope for the website is to have it nice and full with content by the end of the semester!