Aliyah’s Performance Video

Sorry for not embedding the video, YouTube kept cutting the video short for some reason.


Aliyah’s Logic Song



[Verse 1]

A boy

he looks at her

but he lies

cause he prefers

someone who truly understands

A girl

who looks away

hiding from the lies

trying to escape

A girl who is too shy to say


Real lies

they hide the truth

learn to find

what you can do

to find out how to truly be you

[Verse 2]

A boy

he wants to see

what he finds

when he tries to be

someone who goes and takes a chance

A girl

who looks at him

seeing the truth

now giving in

a girl thats ready to take a stand




Gabe Cowan-Guitar

Levi Manuel- Guitar

Abby Steinberg- Vocals


Aliyah’s 30 Second Spot


Aliyah Fowler’s Website

I created a calendar, about me, project, and a comment menu on my site. The about me links you to my biography along with a picture of me, the calendar lists out future assignments, the project menu will contain future projects and the comment menu allows for people to send me commentary. I intend to add other assignments I complete to this site as well as event listings/footage of the String Ensemble.