Logic Song

Flow ft Nate by Tram aka Dada

This song is in collaboration with Nate who raps on the track. The theme is to go with the flow and enjoy life. Lyrics are written by Nate with some of my inputs to fit the song. Shoutout CJBeats Youtube tutorials in helping me during the entire process. In Logic, I use MIDI keyboard to make the chords, a lot of ultra beat and drum kit, and the quantize tool.

You can catch me walking by,
Headphones in, twinkle in my eye and a goofy grin
That’s how my day begin,
Walk on sunshine without feet burning
Aint no burdens here,
Only got good vibes bumpin loud and clear
Just going with the flow, no need to steer,
Letting stress go, no need to fear
Now can you dig that, (if not)
Lemme toss you a shovel and yellow hard hat (okay)
If you catch my drift (uh huh)
Pop that clutch hit the gearbox shift (Skirtt)
Getting shwiftly with me simply since we hold it down
I bring the heat with the verbs and nouns
Dada makes the beat bounce like a rebound