Patrick Richard’s Website

I chose to include and “About” page for anyone who is interested in knowing about my experience in music, a “Buy Stuff” page as more of a gag then anything i don’t really plan on selling anything, yet if i did it would most likely be downloadable versions of original songs. I also included a “Don’t Contact Me” page so that anyone visiting the site and feels the need to contact me will end up not doing so. The last page I included was a “Media” page which will be home to pictures, videos, sound bites, and other sorts of media that are associated with my music.

I am not entirely sure what i would want to add to this site yet but, if i feel the need for something new i will add it when i need to.


Eric Shaw’s Website

This is my music page designed to express my creation, insight, and love of music. Music is something that has driven me all of my life. I appreciate music as an art, and a necessity. The pages that I have are the About, Music, News, and Media pages. I want those 4 to be the main focal points of my side that will also lead to more in-depth information. My media page will contain both videos and music, and my news page will cover social media and overall any news that involves my journey through music. The about page is just giving the viewer a quick background on what to expect on the page and brief glance of my relationship with music.

Duncan Beavers website

I created this website four years ago for employment purposes during my first year at UMW. I have chosen to organize this site by the pages: cover letter, music, programs and resume. Keeping the tabs besides music was important to me, because I want the site to have the same look as it originally did. I will add as many subsections to the music page as needed throughout this semester, as well as improve the functionality of the site with widgets and sidebars.

The music page currently has a link to my soundcloud account that has been active for five years.

Sara Farnor’s Website

I decided to keep it simple. I didn’t want it to be too busy. In the main menu I have Home, Bio, Music, Video, and Contact. The Bio page tells you a little bit about myself. The Music and Video pages will take you to the music and video posts that will be for the assignments for this class. The Contact page is obviously to try to get in touch with me. My social media links are in the side bar.

Aaron Dyke Website

Visit my website!

My website has come together quite nicely with help from the Digital Knowledge center on campus! As you can see, I have six menu buttons with the first being “Home” which will redirect to the homepage of my site. The rest of the buttons in order are: “Bio” which takes you to a page to learn a little background information on myself, “Music” which will later take you to all blog posts specific to my created music, “Videos” which will later take you to all blog posts specific to my videos, “Soundcloud” which redirects you to my Soundcloud to see all my music in one quick view place, and “Contact” which takes you to a contact form if you wished to personally contact me. Further features of my website include a social section on the right-hand sidebar which has links to my social media and a menu bar that follows the page even when you scroll away. I plan to write some short non-assignment related blog posts to keep the website interesting.

Shane Thin Website

I’ve been using a site similar to Bandcamp called Reverbnation for quite some time and I opted to link my account to RN instead on my site.

The menus I have are the main menu (home), About, Compositions, and Links. The About page has a brief bio entailing my past music experience. The compositions page has four songs that I’ve previously composed and recorded, and, in my biased opinion, they’re pretty good. The links page provides links to my profile on other sites, such as Soundcloud and Youtube.

I also added a widget for a calender, my facebook page, and recent comments, located on the sidebar.

On the bottom, I added additional social media links, such as Twitter.


Hi! This is Tram H and my website for the class

So far, the pages I have are Home, About, Music, Art, Events, and Contact. The Home page just makes it easy for users to go to my most recent posts. The About page has a picture of me and Chester (the cat) and a brief introduction. I intend to post future assignments from class under the Music page. The Art page is for me to post artworks I find inspirational and add more content to the website. The Event page will list the times of my radio show (if I get accepted as a DJ for the WMWC Radio) and concerts or events I’m attending. Contact page is for you to directly contact me for whatever reasons. Finally, my social media accounts are icons link on the sidebar.

Unnur Sigurgeirsdottir

Hey guys, This is My Website !

I haven’t done much with it yet, the two menus I have at the moment are: “About Me” and “Social Media” . The About Me page already has a bio in it, including a couple of songs from my Soundcloud. The Social Media page has my Facebook, Instagram, and Souncloud. I am excited to expand it and fill it with the projects we do throughout the semester!