Logic Song


It’s 5 o’clock in the morning(AM)
and the sky is almost
your favorite shade of sunrise (color.)
And I almost woke you up
to make you watch
this with me but I know
you don’t like
(the cold weather of this time of year
this cold weather we’ve been having this time of year
so I’m holding a cup of coffee
pretending the warmth is from your hand
and it’s almost the same (but it’s not) and
almost isn’t enough. I can almost hear
your voice on the wind (but I can’t)
and the sun is almost
completely in the sky now (but it’s not)
and maybe today
I won’t almost
tell you
I love you.
There’s no sound better than
“I love you, too”
“I miss you, too”
is a runner up.
2am phone calls just
to hear your voice.
it’s nice knowing you can’t
sleep either.
Looking out a window, seeing clouds get lost in the colors of the sunrise I think of getting lost in your eyes The sun is rising and the clouds are almost your favorite color.
Seeing clouds get lost
in the colors of the sunrise
is like seeing myself
reduced to a puddle
when I look into
your eyes.
I get so lost in them