Sarah Eells website link

I created my site and added the tabs Home, Blog, Assignments, Audio, and About me. Home takes you to my main website which will soon display my work for studio art as well as resumes and contact information, Blog is for musical  interests, Assignments will be for class assignments as well as Audio Although I may do away with or rename that tab in the future. I set blog as a parent page so it will be a feed of all of my assignments as well as things i found to be interesting.

Drake Dragone Website

My site has the links Music, Events, and Contact. The music tab is for my personal music that I will upload, the Events tab is for any time I’m playing, and contact is for contacting me. I plan to upload songs on a somewhat regular basis into the music tab as I write and record over the semester and into the future as well. I’ll probably add more thinks concerning bands I’m in or the music for compositions.

Ben Jones Website Post 1 (Links to an external site.)



So my menu items are “about”, “events and future journeys” , and “contact” , 2 out of the 3 of these are self-explanatory execept for “events and future journeys.” I plan on blogging about what I do when I really get bored which is wander around places I’ve never been before and I’d like to tie in the upcoming performances I will have with it somehow. I have alot of ideas for this blog, I just hope I can stay faithful to consistently using it even when this class ends.

Sidney McPhail’s Website

For my website, I chose a simplistic layout with a home button and 3 main tabs, consisting of: a general overview, a separate “music” tab which will contain projects from the course and, possibly, various other things such as recordings or personal projects, and a tab about my writing and books. At some point in the future, I would like to expand the site to include a section with ways to contact me, and also, I would like to update the site regarding my writing and musical performances as new opportunities unfold.



Natasha White’s Website

I chose to have a contact page, so people can contact me if they have any questions about what I post. I also chose a photo gallery so I can share pictures of my cat, clouds, and any music-related event I’m involved in. Lastly, I have a news page titled, “What is Tasha Doing?” so people can view what project I am currently involved in.

Alex Bocock Website

For my website I chose to put contact, music, and gallery tabs. I put a contact tab so if someone wanted to find a way to get a hold of me they can by email or social media. I put a music tab to show the songs I have recorded. Lastly I put a gallery tab to put up various pictures of myself or other things I am interested in. Below is the link to my website.

Caitlin Colie

Above is the link to my website. I have chosen very general tabs mostly because they fit my needs perfectly. For instance the “news” tab will host upcoming performances of different Orchestra’s I participate in and enjoy. The “events” tab is for any upcoming recitals and any other musical things I will be apart of.  Finally, the about page is where you can find out who I am and what I do! I also would like to add a hobby of mine in the future for this sight.


Amanda Waggoner’s Website

Hello, this is my website for the course! I’ve added an additional page of my other Geography blogs since I am a Geography and Music double-major. I intend on adding some personal lyrics and poetry I’ve written along with the biography and assignments due for the course.

There’s a lot I want to add to the website so it’s still not complete.

Jessica’s Website Assignment

Here is the link to my website.  I chose the menu items I did because I believe they will be useful in sharing my current performance and other activities.  This is also what I intent to add to my site, a calendar of my performances, links to more information about the different groups I perform and volunteer with, as well as the assignments for this class.

Hopefully, I am doing the blog portion correctly, we shall see.