Rachael’s Website! !


Howdy y’all. I really hope my website works because whenever I try to access it on my computer it takes me to this “Domain of One’s Own” page but works on the Mac’s in the lab. This was seriously a lot harder then I was planning on it to be; especially since the internet in my room is crapppppppp. Slow internet was my main problem, nothing was loading. I also had a problem with the url link. I signed up for a url link and confirmed it but it never showed up on my dashboard. Anyways I only have a bio but I want to add more work to my website.


Gabes website!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im still working on the website, I was strugelin, but now I’m moving along, like the waves of the ocean. For some reason when you type in my URL to go to my website it doesn’t actually go there. So ill figure that out. for the mean time I took a screen shot of what it is supposed to be.¬†Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.48.21 PM




I have a homepage in my menu (click the logo) [because every site needs a place to call home<3], I have a section for my compositions, material I’ve produced (under construction), a section for the groups I perform with, and a photography section. In a little bit it will have a section dedicated to school!


The McKinley Zone


My website is still in the experimental phase, but has most of its key elements in place. It has pages for my music, art, and an “about” page that has a short bio about me. The Music page also includes a link to some of my material on Soundcloud so visitors have easy access to my music.

Ellie Jeanes Website

My website has multiple pages: About, Contact, Events, Videos, Links, and Projects. So far I have added a cover picture, a bio on my about page, and information on my contact page. Throughout the semester, along with my projects for the class, I will add videos and images that pertain to my music and other creative outlets. On my events page I will have venues that I am performing at and on my link page I will add a Youtube account, hopefully Soundcloud, and other links to my art projects.


Kevin’s Website

I added 3 pages in addition to the home page, a music, about, and writings tab. I did a little bio about myself that I plan to update once I get more projects going as well as a picture and some contact information. Under music I just posted links to my bandcamp and to my radio show Facebook page. Writings is pretty empty right now except for a few album reviews.


Michaela’s website


I put three pages on my website, an about page which is just a biography about me, a contact page which has my email address, and a music page where I will post my music eventually. Right now there is just a link to my YouTube page.

Fawad Shaikh’s Website Link


So far, I’ve got three pages on my website: Home, About, & Art. The ‘About’ page will probably stay the same throughout the project phase. Art is a page that will serve the purpose of a blog, but mostly dedicated to creative visuals, videos, and audio. I may / may not dedicate an additional page to articles about music: everything from making it to listening to it. Hope you guys enjoy the website!

Michael Prime’s Website Link


For my links, I chose an about page, a contact page, and my projects, as well as a link to my soundcloud, which is currently empty.The about page and the contact page are self explanatory, the projects page is my blog where I will be posting my compositions, as well as assignments for this class. I’ll probably edit this again to fix some problems it has, such as the title of each page not showing up well against the background.

Lauren Goetz’s Website Link


For my menu items I chose Contact, Videos, and Blog. I chose contact because it is practical and important. There are many videos of past performances on youtube that I could fill a page with. I also chose blog because I like to write about my experiences and find art that corresponds with those experiences. I also intend to add all of our assignments from class to the site.