De’Toine’s Logic Draft


Here’s my first Logic Draft. It’s mainly just an idea that I expounded upon in the Production Lab. It has a central theme played by a xylophone that is accompanied in different instrumental arrangements throughout the song. I hope to give the song more definition and/or motion, possibly by playing with some modes and chord progressions or by changing the style of the song.

De’Toine’s Website and Plans

Here is the link to my website, titled “DTJonesCreations”. I created a sub domain “music” so that I would be able to accommodate not only this page but a future “comp sci” page to develop over the years while pursuing my double major.

As far as tabs, I hope to have a Projects tab, an Events tab, and a Creations tab.

Under “Projects”, I will keep all the future assignments that I complete in my music classes. They will be sorted by class and will possibly be sorted other ways once there is more material to put up.

Under “Events”, I would like to post upcoming musical performances that will be happening around and outside of campus.

Under “Creations”, I would want to upload all of my personal endeavors, such as arrangements, transcriptions, and other musical things that I do in my free time.

I hope to give a relaxed, musical feel to my website. I also would like to find a way to make it more than just a showcase of my work and have it be more inviting.

video project

Emily’s Game of Thrones